How are these guys doing it?

I just noticed a bunch of 1cent advertisemetns on eBay. Wondering how they can afford to pay the fees and still sell for a penny? As soon as I have some time, I plan to check it out.


6 Responses to How are these guys doing it?

  1. They’re buying positive feedback for 1 cent – they lose a bit on each sale until they hit 100 or so feedback then use the 100% positive feedback to rip people off.

    It can take ages to build up good feedback numbers, doing it this way you can get a few hundred in a couple of days.

  2. Ebay shopper says:

    These type of bundled auctions at eBay are listed in their category ‘Phones & PDA’s with service contracts. If you are in need of a New Cellular plan with either AT&T,
    Sprint, Nextel, T-Mobile, Verizon, Alltel, or US Cellular you can find the very best new cell phone deals when starting a new plan with ANY carrier. So the ads on eBay in this category first off are selling Phones with contracts, New plans or upgrades when eligible by your carrier to upgrade for ATT, Sprint or Nextel.

    Excellent phone prices so many free cell phones, camera, mp3, pda’s, smartphones, you name it, if the carrier have your model of interest, we can offer you that very same carrier plan sign up with a way better deal on your cell phone choice. For instance: free razrs, free phones for all manufacturers, Motorola, Samsung, Sanyo, LG, HTC, blackberry, PalmOne so many choices i have found at this cellular SuperStore online at and even the Blackjack PDA is free with a new plan signup,

    So how do they do it, well they save money being a store that is online only, lower overhead costs for 1. They are authorized to sell for all these carriers and the carriers provide a 1 year warranty on all brand new phones.

    The carrier pays this company for that same plan signup, commission, and that is why they can give you a great deal on any phone. It is the companies intention to bring customers a better price,why not! more things should be set up this way.

    Awesome deals! Everyone Wins!!

    As far as this 2nd comment above, i find no validity in their statement, In my 8 years of experience on eBay that may be happening BUT not in the case of this eBay ‘Phones with Service Contract category. Check it out for yourself, that is the only way to know. I know that everything works beautifully for new plan signups or allowable upgrades at great customer service, helps with all. Call them with your ?’s 1.866.929.9920 I saved $600 on 2 new phones and all $500 in rebates came back in a timely manner. Great for me at

    This online company sells over 100,000 new phones a month, they must be doing something right.

  3. Ebay shopper says:

    P.S. I forgot to say eBay has another category for ‘phones & PDA’s w/o (without) service contracts, there you will find a phone only for sale. nOt in this phone & contract category they don’t sell phones alone at all.

    How do you know which category a listing is in? At the top of each eBay auction listing is The category in which the seller is selling item. It often tells you more about the item. In this case very important to read the eBay auction lisitngs in the phones with contracts category Because the PRICE is as described within the text of the eBay ad. As new plan signup prices are sometimes different than upgrades prices.

    So read the ads and ask sellers ?’s to know more. Don’t assume, resolve issues and be happy here at eBay where you will definitely find the best deals on anything you may be looking for. We love it here at ebay and have for years!!

  4. They have paid shills sitting around to bid on items at the last few seconds of auctions to ensure they don’t lose on a sale. I know of 7-8 paid shills in my area alone. The seller gives them a flat rate for every “but-in” they make. One of these shills just bought a new Corvette!!

  5. Jo says:

    Yes – the old trick of gaining Power Seller status in a short time.

    The best man for hints and tips on this is . . . .

    Check it out when you have time (now would be good!)


  6. Best Buy PDA says:

    Best Buy PDA…

    Este es el sistema de noticias de la web de Avances Tecnologicos….

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